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“Imagine a place where state-of-the-art western medicine meets the best of global healing traditions. Where body, mind and spirit are treated as one.  A place where health is defined as more than the absence of disease, and where prevention is considered the best intervention”. Welcome to Guarneri Integrative Health located at Pacific Pearl La Jolla 

Welcome to Pacific Pearl

Western medicine does not have all the solutions. Our experts in integrative, functional and natural medicine have in-depth knowledge of all the global healing traditions. We believe there are many paths to healing. We do more than just treat disease; we get to the underlying cause! 

Your Genes are Not Your Destiny

Our prevention and treatment plans are as unique as you.  Personalized recommendations for nutrition, vitamins, herbs, mind-body medicine and fitness are tailored to your individual needs and designed to reverse and prevent disease.

Memberships and Concierge Medicine

We believe in health care that is participatory and pro-active. Our clients have 24 hour access to health care providers, on- going health education and treatment options that bring you what you need, when you need it.

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RX's Deplete Nutritional Status?

Prescriptions can help you in many ways, but did you know, that the prescriptions you take  may deplete your body of vital nutrients?  Download this list to identify the nutrients that your prescriptions medications may be depleting. You can always confirm your nutrient status with nutrient testing at Guarneri Integrative Health.

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